St. Patrick’s Cryptogram Word Puzzles

These St. Patrick’s cryptogram word puzzles will entertain and sharpen minds of all ages! It is so satisfying to crack the code to find the answers to these silly St. Patrick’s themed riddles. Some of the encrypted riddles are oldies, but goodies like: “What happens when a leprechaun falls into a river?” and “What does it mean when you find a horseshoe on St. Patrick’s Day?”

Working through and cracking these cryptogram codes builds English grammar and syntax skills. It also provides pattern recognition practice and strengthens problem solving skills. Solve the riddle by substituting one letter of the alphabet with another. (We’ve provided hints within each word game to get you started. 😉 ) And do not fret, we have also included separate pages of the solutions in case your puzzle solver gets stuck or needs a helpful hint.

Like so many of our readers across the world, my children have been learning remotely now for a year. One significant shift our family has made is intentionally organizing our time better. We have a schedule of daily routines that each of us completes, including reading time, mindfulness and independent screen-free time. We use printable schedules and planner pages to plan our weeks. Not only do these tools optimize our production, they empower our kiddos to make choices, ultimately generating confidence. My girls love integrating Woo! Jr printable activities and crafts into their weekly plans. And due to Woo! Jr’s collection of thousands of resources curated over the years, we are able to print on demand practically any seasonal activity we’re looking for. Logic and cryptogram word puzzles like these have become one of my oldest daughter’s favorite activities.

Let us know how you are using these cryptograms. Which activities are your children’s favorites?

St. Patrick’s Cryptogram Word Puzzles

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