Dinosaur Cryptogram Word Puzzles

This printable set of dinosaur cryptogram word puzzles makes an engaging resource to add to your boredom busting toolbox or classroom learning unit. Each puzzle has an encrypted answer to a dinosaur-themed riddle. (Answer keys are also provided.) In addition to using deductive reasoning to solve the puzzle, your student will be practicing reading, writing and comprehension. And you’ll even get in a little giggle once the puzzle has been solved!

Dinosaur Cryptogram Word Puzzles

Kids love to race each other! This is such a fun game to play in a classroom setting, at a dinosaur-themed party or during family fun night. Break up your group into teams and first one to crack the code wins! (If you’re looking for different themes, check out our archive of cryptogram puzzles that includes hundreds of activity pages.)

For cryptogram newbies, a cryptogram is a word puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text. To crack the code, substitute each occurrence of a particular letter with another letter of the alphabet (for example, S=A, R=E, etc). It’s rewarding to watch each word puzzle solver come up with their own logic technique to decode the hidden messages.

Have fun with these and please share in the comments below how you are using these word games.

Dinosaur Cryptogram Word Puzzles

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