Space Cryptogram Word Puzzles

Kids love solving mysteries and unlocking clues to crack logic puzzles. Which is why printables such as these space cryptogram word puzzles are so popular with our readers. Combine solving puzzles + space + silly and you’re sure to spark the interest of your child!

Space Cryptogram Word Puzzles

Using cryptograms at home and in the classroom is a great way to introduce codes and ciphers to students. Each cryptogram within this set of word games consists of encrypted text. Each page has two separate puzzles to decode. The object of these word puzzles is to solve the silly space riddles. The answers to the riddles are written in code. Break the code using pattern recognition and by substituting one letter for another to decipher the hidden message. We have provided you with some of the letters to give you a head start.  (Hint for solving cryptograms: look for common letters and solve the short words first.) Share this fun fact with your students: “E” is the most common letter used in the English language.

Space Cryptogram Word Puzzles

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