Valentine Cryptogram Word Puzzles

Have you heard about the frogs that fell in love? If not, be sure to ask your child about it when they’re done solving these fun Valentine cryptogram word puzzles. Our cryptograms have become one of our most popular printables for parents and teachers. They are fabulous boredom busting activities, and this set will especially come in handy for you when you’re needing a quick activity to put in front of your kiddos on a snowy February day.

Valentine Cryptogram Word Puzzles

Solve each riddle by decoding the encrypted alphabet code using logic, deduction and pattern recognition. (We’ve given you a few letter hints within each puzzle to help get you started. 😉 )  Along with simply being a fun kid’s activity, these word games provide great language syntax and grammar practice. And the riddles are so much fun for kids to share with their friends, classmates and teachers. My third and fourth grade daughters find these word games both challenging and engaging. I will definitely be printing this set out for them along with more of our most popular Valentine’s Day activities to keep them entertained during the cold month of February.

Have fun with these and good luck cracking the codes of these Valentine word puzzles!

Valentine Cryptogram Word Puzzles

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