Winter Cryptogram Word Puzzles

Winter here in the Midwest can get quite long. My daughters are still learning remotely so I sometimes find myself feeling a bit apprehensive about what our cold winter days inside (together 24 / 7) will look like. Thankfully, we have TONS of resources to pull from here, like these winter cryptogram word puzzles. These word games develop problem solving, patience practice and reasoning skills. And I promise your kiddo will be asking for more, so it’s probably best to print the entire set at once. 😉

Winter Cryptogram Word Puzzles

Each puzzle consists of a short piece of encrypted text. The object of a cryptogram is to break the code using pattern recognition and by substituting one letter for another to decipher the hidden message. (Hint: the solution to each of these puzzles is the answer to a silly riddle related to winter.)

Print out and put together your own activity books, using our printables. Combining multiple pages of each set, including these winter cryptogram word puzzles will give you five different activity books. That is equivalent to hours of entertainment for your kiddos. And the best part of that is that while they are engaged in independent quiet time, you also have that time to get some serious stuff accomplished. Some of our most popular winter activity pages include:

Winter Cryptogram Word Puzzles

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