St. Patrick’s Day Word Puzzles

Shenanigans are in the air so we’re sharing eight brand new printable (and somewhat tricky) activity pages for your kiddos. This set of St. Patrick’s Day words puzzles includes a word search, a crossword puzzle, a word scramble and a word maker. Topped with fun and charm, it’s a collection of captivating puzzle games for all ages!

Unlock the encrypted St. Patrick’s Day riddle or phrase by breaking the code. Solving a cryptogram is a challenging exercise in concentration, patience and strategy. Your child will be captivated by these puzzles, using pattern recognition and logical deduction to decode the puzzle. Substitute each occurrence of a particular letter with another letter of the alphabet.

St. Patrick's Day Word Puzzles

Teachers, use these St. Patrick’s Day word puzzles in your classroom for fast finisher activities or within your learning stations. Each printable reinforces vocabulary skills and stimulates independence. Parents, word puzzles are great confidence building activities. We love doing them together as a family, and even have races to see which team can solve their puzzle first.

Hope you have lots of luck and fun with these! Let’s see who can outwit the leprechaun who had a hand in creating these riddles.

Download 150+ pages of printable St. Patrick’s Day activities all at once here!

St. Patrick’s Day Word Puzzles

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