Transportation Cryptogram Word Puzzles

This brand new set of transportation cryptogram word puzzles is an excellent activity for kids who love cracking codes & deciphering secret messages! These worksheets are ideal for children ages 8 to 10, but even older kids (and adults too) have fun decrypting the answers to these silly transportation themed riddles.

Transportation Cryptogram Word Puzzles

Use reasoning and logic to the solve the riddles, substituting one letter of the alphabet with another. We’ve provided hints within each word game to get you started. And answer keys are included too in case your student really gets stumped solving the riddle.

Kids love to play detective and solve mysteries. So these word puzzles are a fun activity for those with curious minds. Plus, your child will be building analytical and critical thinking skills (and most likely won’t have clue, because they’ll be having so much fun). 😉 Do you know what kind of truck a ballerina drives? Or what ten letter word starts with “gas?” The answers are hidden somewhere within this set of fun! The theme of cool things that go will help you get boys or other kids to engage with the content!

Transportation Cryptogram Word Puzzles

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