Printable Schedules for Kids

I marvel at the beautiful job Lilia, our Junior Art Director, did in creating this collection of schedules for you. Here are 12 brand new printable schedules for kids.

Right now, most of us are finding ourselves in an unprecedented time in our lives. And honestly, in the last week I’ve grappled between fighting for order with a regimented structure for my kids and releasing the doors of freedom so not to permanently imprint a less than desirable image of social distancing and our “shelter in place” order.¬†Whether or not we’re running around with a full calendar of activities or we’re in isolation to protect ourselves and our communities… I still concur that children thrive on structure (and need lots of sleep).

Printable Schedules for Kids

And these schedules will help keep your child organized, prioritized and on task. (FYI, I’m a list maker and a schedule junkie, so this topic and set of printables is right up my ally.) Helping your child develop a healthy schedule and daily routine will be so rewarding for both of you. And ultimately, you are helping them develop a skill that will serve them well through grade school, middle school, high school, college and beyond.

Be sure to check out these printable sticker charts. They are fabulous reinforcement tracking tools that your kiddos will love!

How to help your kiddo create a schedule:

Sit down together and walk through what your kiddo’s day entails. Help them prioritize the most important things to do each day. I recommend putting down all obligations first, such as school work, study time, quiet time, sports, extracurriculars and any appointments they have. Then help them sprinkle in some fun and rewarding stuff, like playdates, FaceTime chats with family members, family game nights and ice cream parties.

And of course, there is ALWAYS exceptional and spontaneous moments in life that we need to embrace and step away from our schedules now and again.

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Teaching your child how to work with a schedule is a fabulous skill that they will carry on throughout their lives. We’d love to hear how you implement schedules at home and what works best for your family. Please share your ideas and comments with us below.

Printable Schedules for Kids

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