Back to School Cryptogram Word Puzzles

Are you ready for your kiddos to go back to school? All summer I’ve experienced moments where I have longed for normalcy and the structure of school days. Yet, as the first day of school is here, I’m remorseful at how fast summer flew by and would like to hold onto them for a bit longer. Our children are ready though. They are all about getting their school supplies, setting up their work stations and seeing their classmates. If you’re like me, you have tons of things to do to prepare for them to get back, so here are some back to school cryptogram word puzzles to keep them occupied while you get some of that stuff done. 😉

Back to School Cryptogram Word Puzzles


New to cryptogram puzzles? They are a popular type of word game where a phrase or short piece of text is encrypted with simple letter substitution. A few tips:
1) Each letter of the alphabet represents a different letter.
2) Look for common letters.
3) Solve short words first.
4) Always work in pencil. 😉

Have fun and good luck solving these riddle puzzles!

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Back to School Cryptogram Word Puzzles

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