Fall Cryptogram Word Puzzles

How do leaves get from place to place? Why shouldn’t you tell a secret in a corn field? These and fourteen more fun fall riddles can be answered when you decode these fall cryptogram word puzzles. Decoding cryptograms is an engaging mind bending activity that will help students with their spelling and language skills while working on logical deduction competency.

Fall Cryptogram Word Puzzles

These cryptogram word puzzles are a favorite mind bending boredom buster. The letters of each cryptogram answer are represented by other letters of the alphabet. Decode the encrypted riddle answer by using logic and deduction to find the letter substitution. Hint: look for common letters and solve the short words first. Did you know that the most common letters in the English language are E, A, R, I, O, T, N, S with L and C right behind them?

These printable worksheets are perfect activities for students who finish their work early. They are also great travel companions to keep in a folder in your car for times you are running errands, waiting for appointments, or while patiently sitting at a restaurant table. Wherever you are, they’re a hit with kiddos from ages 6 to 12 and up!

Download 160 pages of fall-themed activities all at once here!

Fall Cryptogram Word Puzzles

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