Summer Cryptogram Word Puzzles

What has eighteen legs and catches flies? This is just one of the sixteen riddles to decode in these fun summer cryptogram word puzzles. Your child will have so much fun cracking these secret codes! They won’t even realize they are practicing pattern and repetition recognition. Decoding cryptograms is an engaging mind bending activity that will help them hone their spelling and language skills while improving their analyzing and logical deduction competency. These word puzzles are a great boredom buster activity, especially during a rainy summer day or when your child just needs some down time from actively playing outdoors.
Summer Cryptogram Word Puzzles
For cryptogram newbies, a cryptogram is a type of puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text. Give your child the simple direction to substitute each occurrence of a particular letter with another letter of the alphabet. Each letter in a cryptogram stands for another letter (for example, A=T, B=R, etc). Each word puzzle solver will come up with their own logic technique to decode the hidden message of these fun riddles.

Summer Cryptogram Word Puzzles

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