Patriotic Cryptogram Word Puzzles

Here is a brand new set of patriotic cryptogram word puzzles for your kiddo who seeks a challenge. These word puzzles are fabulous brain builders. Your child will use pattern recognition, grammar and vocabulary skills to decipher the hidden answer. Each cryptogram poses a riddle: “What did the American flag say to the other flag?” “Why should’t there be knock knock jokes on the fourth of July?”

Patriotic Cryptogram Word Puzzles


For kiddos new to cryptograms, a cryptogram is a type of puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text. Your task is decode to the word puzzle to find the answer to the given clue. Substitute each occurrence of a particular letter with another letter of the alphabet. Each letter in a cryptogram stands for another letter (for example, A=N, B=T, etc). We’ve even provided you with a few letter hints to give you a head start on solving the riddle. As a parent and educator, you will find it fascinating to watch your child come up with their own strategy and tactics for solving these puzzles.

Patriotic Cryptogram Word Puzzles

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