Paper Plate Mayflower Craft

When my boys were younger they had a Little People Mayflower play set. I only let them play with it during Thanksgiving week so that it was a fun new toy for them each year. I actually had a little basket full of Thanksgiving toys and books that we only played with during that week. We also did special crafts every year during their break from school. And, one of our family favorites was making a paper plate Mayflower.

Make this cute Paper Plate Mayflower Craft to learn about the first Thanksgiving!

Paper Plate Mayflower Craft Project

You can make a Mayflower boat out of egg cartons, too!

Mayflower Craft Supplies:

  • Paper plate.
  • Brown crayon.
  • Craft popsicle sticks.
  • School glue.
  • Scissors.
  • White paper. 
  • Optional – The First Thanksgiving Book.

Each year until the boys were about 8 or 9 we would pull out our Thanksgiving basket. And every year they would excitedly ask me to read them The First Thanksgiving. And, they always wanted to build their own Mayflower. When they were younger it was a simple paper plate Mayflower craft project. As they got older, though, their Mayflower projects were more involved and some even floated in the pool!

This craft is a more simple one, and it’s perfect for younger kids! First, gather up your supplies.

Start by cutting a paper plate in half.

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Then, cut a piece of white paper to look like a sail. One sheet of paper will yield four sails. I folded my sheet of paper into quarters.

Next, color one of the pieces of the paper plate brown.

Now, add a thin bead of school glue to the craft stick and stick it onto the back of the back of the paper plate. Leave about 2/3 of the stick showing above the top of the plate. Repeat this step with the second craft popsicle stick.

Finally, add another bead of glue to the top 1/3 of the craft sticks and stick the sails on to the sticks.

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You could have your little one work on their penmanship and write Mayflower and the year on it too.

That’s it! I hope you’re inspired to make your own flotilla of adorable paper plate Mayflower craft projects!

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