Printable Thanksgiving Diorama

Happy November! We’ve been looking forward to sharing this wonderful Thanksgiving paper craft project with you – a printable Thanksgiving diorama! This comes from a vintage school supply company from the 1930’s, and includes some absolutely wonderful paper models: log cabins, the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock, and many standing characters of pilgrims and Native Americans.

Printable Thanksgiving Diorama

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How to Make this Thanksgiving Diorama

Print all 8 pages on lightweight to heavyweight card stock. You may want to print out multiple copies of the tree to create the look of a forest.

Color all parts before cutting them out.

All tabs fit into slots of corresponding numbers (each are labeled on the pages). To cut slots, use an exacto knife or razor blade with adult supervision. Slots are indicated by short, heavy lines.

The figure supports of special sizes are marked to correspond with the correct characters. Unmarked supports will fit any of the remaining people. To stand the figures, lay the support on the back of the figure so that the bottom of the support is a little lower than the bottom of the figure (approximately 1/8″ inch). Paste the small area above the dotted line to the back of the figure. Fold up on the dotted line to form the support. You can see an example here:

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How to make the paper figures stand up.

To assemble the cabins, follow written directions on the printed pages. Fit the paper roofs in place by pulling the tabs on the houses through the slots in the roof, then paste down.

Display your diorama on a fireplace mantle, bookshelf, or even on the Thanksgiving dinner table!

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