Paper Plate Pie Craft Project for Kids

My boys love to help in the kitchen. And, I love to have their help. However, when they were younger and I had four under 7 years old, and I was working on holiday dinners, it was a challenge to have all of their “help”. So often, I would give them all some pie crust and cinnamon sugar on a cookie sheet to make their own pies. And, they always finished before I was done with the pies I had to make. So, I started giving them paper plates and crayons to create a paper plate pie craft project.

Paper Plate Pie Project

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Paper Plate Pie Craft Project for Kids Supplies:

  • Paper Plates.
  • Brown and red felt.
  • Scissors.
  • School glue. 

This is a fun project for little bakers and moms that need a little less help in the kitchen. However, it’s also a fun class art project for younger kids to do the week before Thanksgiving break!

Let’s get started. First, gather all of your supplies. I accidentally purchased adhesive backed felt. It actually was perfect for this project, and I kind of wish I had grabbed adhesive backed felt for both parts of the paper plate pie project!

Trace the paper plate onto the tan colored felt. Then, cut it out. Next, cut out the middle section of the felt circle. Use the excess felt to cut out strips of felt.

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Then, cut the red felt in half. Cut half of the red felt into small pieces. If your kids are bigger, they can do all of this by themselves.

Now, you can make your paper plate pie! If you have adhesive backed felt, start placing pieces all over the paper plate. If not, use school glue to attach the felt pieces to the plate.

Once you finish adding the pie filling to the plate, you can add the crust. Again, if you have adhesive felt, you can just stick it onto the plate. If not, use school glue to attach it. I glued the pie crust onto the plate first, and then added the felt lattice top. However, you can put the lattice top on first and then the crust. Finally, trim the excess pieces off of the edges.

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That’s it! I hope this cute little paper plate pie project has inspired you to have the kids help outside of the kitchen this holiday season!

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