Multimedia Lemonade Craft for Summer Fun

When I was a teacher my little learners weren’t allowed to use real food for crafting or sensory play. But, we still enjoyed making food related crafts. And, one of our favorite projects was a multimedia lemonade craft. It was so much fun to make this cute little craft! My little learners always loved making this craft after we made homemade lemonade in the classroom. It was a great activity while we waited for the lemonade to cool.

Summer Lemonade Craft

Multimedia Summer Lemonade Craft

You might also want to try one of my favorite summertime treats – lemon meringue s’mores!

Paper Lemonade Art Project Supplies:

  • Two coordinating colors of construction paper.
  • White and yellow paint.
  • School glue.
  • Foam paint brushes. 
  • Lemon slice stickers, (or draw your own lemon slices on yellow paper).
  • Scissors.
  • Straw.

Let’s get started! I found adorable little natural wood lemon slices at the dollar store for this craft. But, when I was a teacher, we used magazine cut outs, or scrapbook sticker lemons. This multimedia lemonade craft is a great craft for younger kids to improve fine motor skills.

If you have wood slices, paint them yellow. Then, while the lemons dried, we cut out two cup shapes from one piece of construction paper.

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Now, add glue to the back of the paper cups and secure on to the remaining piece of construction paper.

Next, snip the pointed tip off of one of the foam paint brushes and dip it into the white paint. Then, dab the paint onto the cups to create ice cubes in the cups.

While the white paint dries, cut the straw in half and glue it onto the cups.

Finally, place or glue the lemon slices onto the cups. We only used one lemon slice on each cup, but add as many lemons as you want to your paper lemonade!

Summer kids craft lemonade art

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That’s it! I hope this inspired you to enjoy a cool glass of lemonade while you make your own multimedia lemonade craft project!

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