Button Turtle Craft Project

I love turtles. I always thought they were really amazing creatures, but Dude and Crush from Finding Nemo really just made me love turtles so much more. When my boys were younger, we would make turtles with paper bowls, and shredded paper. But our favorite ones were always the button turtle craft project we made with old colorful buttons.

Turtle Art Activity

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Button Turtle Project Supplies:

  • Green construction paper.
  • School Glue.
  • Buttons.
  • Scissors
  • Optional – blue construction paper, chipboard or cardboard to make it more sturdy.
  • Printable turtle template for tracing (below)

Turtles and Tortoises are such amazing animals. I love watching sea turtles glide through the water. I also love watching land turtles lumber along on the ground. And their life spans are mind blowing to me! Every time we watched National Geographic or even Finding Nemo when my boys were little they wanted to create a turtle craft.

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So, let’s get started on this adorable little button turtle craft project!

First, draw or trace a turtle shape on your green construction paper. Then, cut the turtle shape out. 

You can glue a piece of blue construction paper onto chipboard or cardboard, and then glue your paper turtle onto the covered cardboard or chipboard. 

Now it’s time for the real fun! Grab your buttons, and begin glueing them onto the turtle’s shell area. Be sure to cover the whole space. My boys typically covered the entire turtle with buttons. I actually like it both ways.

That’s it! I hope this turtle-y awesome button turtle craft project has inspired you to create your very own multimedia mosaic animal art! 

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