Self Portrait Collage Art Project

I always encouraged my boys to keep a journal, especially during the summer. It was a good way for them to keep up with their reading and writing skills when they weren’t in school. However, with the boys age differences, there were times that one could write several journal pages, but two couldn’t even write a word. So, some days I would write in their journals for them. But other days they would create an art project like this Summer Self Portrait Collage Craft for their journal.  

Self Portrait Collage Art Project for Kids

Summer Self Portrait Collage Craft

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Summer Self Portrait Collage Craft

Self Portrait Supplies:

  • Construction paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils.
  • Glue sticks.

This is such a fun way for your little ones to collage a summer memory craft. 

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Let’s get started on this darling summer self portrait craft! First, gather all of your supplies. This will make your hunt a lot easier. I was able to gather all of the supplies I needed from our craft supply box. 

Begin by having your little one draw out the shape of their head and neck. Then cut it out. However, you can help the younger ones with this step. 

Then, it’s time to cut out hair and sunglasses. Make the lenses of the sunglasses a lighter color so your little ones can draw some of the fun things they did during the summer on the lenses.  

Now, glue the head onto a full sheet of construction paper. We used the boys’ favorite color as the background. Then, glue on the hair. 

Construction paper collage self portrait

While you wait for the glue to dry, have your little one draw some of their summer memories on the lenses of the sunglasses that you helped them cut out earlier. 

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Then, glue the sunglasses on to the face, and let your little one draw their nose and mouth. If they are able to, encourage them to write their name and age on the self portrait collage too.  

Use construction paper to make a fun Self Portrait Collage Art Project this summer

That’s it! This is such a fun activity to preserve awesome summer break memories. And, I hope it has inspired you to create a sweet summer self portrait collage craft with your little ones too.

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