Easy Mermaid Craft for Kids

My sweet little niece is infatuated with unicorns and mermaids. And we live near a beach that she is sure mermaids visit. So, after a recent trip to mermaid beach, we came home and made an easy mermaid tail craft. She loved it! And, I loved that I didn’t have to help or even supervise much.

Easy Mermaid Craft

Mermaid Tail Craft

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Mermaid Art Supplies:

  • 2 colors of construction paper.
  • 2 or more colors of small circle stickers.
  • Scissors.
  • School glue. 

This is a great fine motor activity for younger kids. If you are making this sweet little mermaid tail craft with a group of little ones, you might want to pre-cut the mermaid tails.

Let’s get started. I drew a mermaid tail on one sheet of construction paper for my niece, but she was able to cut it out by herself.

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Then, she started putting the small circle stickers onto the tail. We used a few sheets of yard sale stickers for the mermaid tail. But, you could use a circle punch and punch stickers from vinyl too. You could even use small circles of paper and glue them onto the tail.

My niece decided to use two colors for the mermaid tail, but your little artist can use as many colors as they would like for their mermaid tail craft!

Now, start placing the circle stickers at the top of the mermaid tail, just slightly overlapping the stickers some. Then, start the next row, and slightly overlap the stickers onto the top row.

Continue adding the stickers, slightly overlapping each other until you reach the bottom of the mermaid tail. Now, trim or fold the stickers around the mermaid tail.

Finally, glue the mermaid tail onto the remaining piece of construction paper.

That’s it! I hope this cute mermaid tail craft has inspired you to create your own ocean magic this summer!

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