Handprint Campfire Craft

It is almost camping season. My boys and husband love to camp. I am not a fan. But, I do love campfire foods, s’mores anyone? And I also love camp crafts. I also really love handprint crafts, so this cute little handprint campfire craft is just perfect!

Handprint Campfire Craft

Handprint Campfire Camp Craft Made with Construction Paper

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Summer Camp Craft Supplies:

  • Construction paper.
  • Scissors.
  • School glue.
  • Sharpie or other markers. 
  • Paper Bag.

This little craft is super easy to make, and can easily be adapted to be created with other supplies. I love a craft like that!

Let’s get started. First gather your Handprint Campfire Craft supplies. I find that crafting is a lot easier when I have everything I need on the table before we start.

We used red and orange construction paper for the flames, light blue construction paper for the background, and a paper bag for the logs. You could also use brown construction paper or even twigs for the logs! How fun would that be. I would mount the background color construction paper on a piece of cardboard or even foam board if I used twigs though.

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Begin by tracing your little ones’ hand prints on the orange and red construction paper. Then, cut out the handprints.

Next, draw a log shape on the paper bag or brown construction paper. I drew a rough rectangle shape with semi-circle ends. Then, I added lines on the ends and on the log. Finally, the logs were ready to be cut out.

Once everything was cut out, I glued the logs in an x shape on the bottom of the blue construction paper. Then, I glued the handprints on top of the logs.

That’s it! This cute little Handprint Campfire Craft took about ten minutes to make from start to finish and is the perfect activity for kids of all ages, at the campsite, at home, or even at school.

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