Mini Paper Bag Journal Craft

This project is a really fun way to recycle your leftover paper grocery bags…and maybe even make a keepsake that you can fill with treasures and memories. With this project you can make an eight or ten page journal (counting front and back pages). Let’s get started creating this mini paper bag journal keepsake (with SECRET PAGES)!

Mini Paper Bag Journal Keepsake

Mini Paper Bag Journal

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Recycled Paper Bag Journal

You will need:

  • 1 grocery bag per person
  • scissors
  • 1 yarn needle
  • Yarn or embroidery floss

Paper Bag Journal Tutorial

To begin, we will remove the parts we don’t need. Cut off the flat bottom piece and carefully remove the handles. (You can save the bottom for a different style journal and the handles can be used to make your journal unique or save them for another creative time.)

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Easy Recycled Paper Bag Project for Kids

Cut the rest of the bag into two or three sections.

Paper Bag Craft Project for Kids

Next, cut the sections right along the connecting edge. When you cut each side, you will be left with a small folded piece of the bag. This is your first page!

Repurpose Paper Grocery Bag

Repeat & Create Your Secret Pages

Repeat this process for each side until you have a set of already folded pages. Then, take the flat pieces and fold them evenly over the pre-folded pages. The now folded flat pages will be longer than. You can cut them to make them even, or leave them long to hide your secret pages!

Paper Bag Journal Craft Project for Kids

Paper Grocery Bag Keepsake for Kids

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Now that you have your pages, use your yarn needle to poke holes to stitch your pages together. It helps to poke holes one or two layers of pages at a time. Poke 3 holes down.

Recycled Paper Bag Journal Art Project

Thread your needle and stitch from the outside in. Leave a tail so you can tie the string on the outside of the book. If you tie it on the inside, it might be hard to close your book.

make several stitches, looping from middle to end, back through the middle and to the other end.

Paper Bag Keepsake for Kids

When you are finished stitching, it will look like a straight line of yarn down the inside and you will have a nice bow on the outside. Do you see the secret pages?

Make Your Own Paper Bag Journal

Now you don’t!

You can decorate and fill your journal however you wish. I recommend doing one page at a time, if you are using glue or paint, just because they need some time to dry. You can write on the blank pages and glue the blank side of scrap paper to write on the pages where the bag has pictures. You can use Mod Podge to glue leaves and other flat treasures, look the leaves up and write their names… Make it a nature journal! The possibilities are endless.

Have fun!

DIY Paper Bag Journal for Kids

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