Animal Paper Bag Puppets

Our local library has a wonderful interactive exhibit of hand puppets for the children to play with. They even have a curtained puppet theater in the play area for the kids to put on shows for parents and onlookers. It wasn’t until experiencing this with my daughters that I realized how much they love playing with puppets and creating their own plays. These animal paper bag puppets are such a fun craft activity to do with your littles. And the creative energies they will put into their plays are rewarding on so many levels!

This set includes pre-colored animals and blank pages for your youngster to customize and color themselves. Incorporate puppets into your reading time, where their favorite animal puppet reads their stories to them for the evening. If your child is needing some pretend play ideas, encourage them to act out a scene from their favorite book or movie. Have them make their puppets sing and dance to their favorite songs. Make sure you are video ready. Because whatever act your young puppeteer creates, they will love being in the spotlight!

Animal Paper Bag Puppets

You’ll need: Scissors, the printed puppets (choose favorites from the set below), and a brown or white paper lunch bag for each puppet you want to make.

How to Make: Color your chosen animal (or select a colored one) and cut out both pieces. Glue the body to the sides of an upside down paper bag as shown in the diagram below. You want the top of the body to line up with the literal bottom of the bag that is folded down. Then line up the head over the body, and glue into place.

Animal Paper Bag Puppets

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