Simple Hanukkah Luminaries DIY

I love to look at holiday lights. I especially love luminaries. And, when I was a teacher in a small Jewish day school, we would make our own simple Hanukkah luminaries for our classroom hallway, and for the kids to take home.  

Simple Hanukkah Luminaries

Simple Luminary Craft for Hanukkah

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Festival of Lights luminaries craft for kids

Simple Hanukkah Luminary Supplies:

  • White paper bags.
  • Blue and or silver paint or markers.
  • Sand or pasta.
  • Battery operated tea lights.
  • Sandwich bags.

This sweet craft is super easy and can be done by the youngest crafters with very little supervision. But, it is also a great activity for older kids too. 

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Let’s get started on these simple Hanukkah luminaries! First, gather all of your supplies. This will make crafting a lot easier.

First, decorate paper bags with Hanukkah symbols. We would draw stars and dreidels on ours. There are some step by step Hanukkah drawing doodles in our Drawing Book for Kids, BTW!

Then, while your paint dries, fill sandwich bags with sand or rice. You will need one sandwich bag per luminary. 

Now, open the luminary bag, and place one filled bag in each paper luminary bag. 

Then, add a battery operated tea light to each bag. 

Once you finish assembling the luminary bags, line your sidewalk, hallway, or any other space you want to light with the bags. We left the ones inside set up for Hanukkah, but we brought the ones outside in each night. 

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Make easy paper bag Hanukkah luminaries

That’s it! This is such a fun project to make. And, it’s a great way to make holiday decorations and celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights on a tiny budget. I hope it has inspired you to create your own simple Hanukkah luminaries this holiday season! 

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