How to Collage for Kids

How to Collage for Kids

In today’s art project, I’m going to show you how to use The Big Book of Drawing as inspiration to create a landscape collage using recycled magazines. This how to collage for kids tutorial is an easy recycled craft that uses up old magazines or junk mail.  While I’ve used a waterfall drawing from the book, there are over 500 things to draw packed in the pages, so you can use this tutorial as a guide for ANY of the step by step drawings in this book!

If you need some interesting paper to cut up, try our printable maps for collage and crafts!

Supplies needed for this How to Collage for Kids art project:

  • The Big Book of Drawing
  • Old Magazines
  • Two Sheets of Cardstock Paper (2 Colors)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Time to Draw!

Clip open The Big Book of Drawing to the page that you would like to draw from.  Use a pencil to follow the step-by-step drawing and create your drawing on a sheet of cardstock paper.

Lightly sketch the drawing and do not include any details, just the large shapes.  You’ll be filling in the shapes with cut paper. I chose the waterfall landscape drawing to create this collage.

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Next – Cut Up The Magazines!

Choose the colors you would like for each area of the drawing.  I chose shades of blue for the water, shades of gray for the rocks, and greens for the little pine trees.

Cut small shapes of paper in the colors of your choice.  Include lighter and darker shades to create more interest.

Next, apply some glue with the glue stick to the paper and start filling in the shapes.

Allow the pieces to overlap one another as necessary to fill in the areas of the drawing and stay as close as you can to the outlines of the drawing.

It’s easiest to start filling in the larger shapes first.

Since this is a landscape drawing, the shapes can be a bit organic and change a little bit from the original drawing.  Use the drawing as your guide.  It’s helpful to glue shapes along the edges first and then fill in each area.

Steps of Magazine Paper Collage for Kids


Once you have each area filled in with color, cut some small shapes out of white paper to add the details for the waterfall and water.

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Use the texture ideas included in the original drawing from The Big Book of Drawing as your guide.

For the final step, carefully cut out your collage.  Leave a little bit of the cardstock around the outer edge of the collage.

Next, glue the collage onto another piece of cardstock paper in a contrasting color.

You can now frame your collage, or create a greeting card, the choice is yours!

Cut Up Magazine How to Collage for Kids

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