Splatter Painting for Kids Process Art Project

Splatter painting is such a great way to relieve some stress, especially while we are all cooped up indoors. For this splish, splash, Splatter Painting for kids project, you want to make sure you have on clothing that can get paint on it and cover your work area (including the floor) if you don’t want it to get paint on it. When I finished this one, I ended up with blue dots of paint on my face!

Splash, Splash, Splatter Painting for Kids

Splash, Splash, Splatter Painting

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Splatter Painting for Kids

Splash Painting Art Project for Kids

You will need:

  • Paper (I used white, but try other colors)
  • Paint (I used acrylic, but watercolor is a good alternative and may wash up a lot better)
  • Paint brushes
  • Cup with water

Painting Techniques for Kids

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Step by Step Painting for Kids

The trick to getting a good splatter is to dip your brush into the water first, next dip your wet brush into your paint color, then dip it into the water again.

If you have big paper in a larger space, you can play around with shaking the brush toward the paper. For a little more control of the process, tap or flick the brush over the paper and see what magic happens. The key is that you have to aim toward the paper or your splatters will splash all over the place!

Splash Spatter Painting Art for Kids

Try getting a good glob of paint in your brush and see what cool blobs, splatters, and lines of paint you can get.

Notice what happens when you splatter new colors. Do they stay the same? Do the mix? In the example I used primary colors. Try primary colors for your painting and see if you end up with the whole rainbow!

Splatter Process Art for Kids

Splatter Process Art for Kids

Last but not least, here are a few important tips to creating a great splatter piece:

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-Clean your brush between each color. If you don’t clean your brush, eventually the colors will mix together.

-Choose colors that will stand out on your paper. No matter what color paper you choose, bright and contrasting colors will give you the best results. Colors that are similar to the color of the paper won’t really show up.

-Try other tools. Aw what happens if you platter paint with an old toothbrush. Whatever took you use should be able to pick up the paint, but not absorb it. A paper towel, for instance, may not be a good choice…but now I want to do a project with paper towels!

I hope you enjoy this Splatter Painting for Kids  your splatter paintings! Try to fill the whole page…that might be more challenging thank you think!

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