Halloween Cryptogram Word Puzzles

We all have those moments when we’re faced with a deadline of sorts. Be it for work or personal, we just have a lot to get done. And often times, we simply need something for our kiddos to do so we can accomplish the tasks without interruption. These activity sheets are perfect for times such as these! These Halloween cryptogram word puzzles are great brain games for your kiddos! Give your child the opportunity to apply logic and decoding skills to solve the answer to the Halloween riddle. The time will fly as they work through these fun worksheets. (And it is very likely they will be asking you for more.) These word puzzles also make excellent classroom and homeschooling tools.

Halloween Cryptogram Word Puzzles

Solving a word puzzle, such as a cryptogram, is a great cognitive exercise not only for children, but for adults too! Not only can cryptograms sharpen our mind, they are used for cognitive rehabilitation exercises. I’ve recently read that word puzzles such as these are given to patients recovering from brain cancer, surgeries and following treatments to help with the recovery of brain function. The brain boosting power of puzzles such as these is fascinating.

Halloween Cryptogram Word Puzzles

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