Thanksgiving Mirror Drawing Worksheets

Here is another mess-free / screen-free activity that your kiddos will love doing! It is a super fun art activity to give your children while you’re working through your Thanksgiving to-do list. Here you will find nine printable Thanksgiving mirror drawing worksheets. These fun drawing pages will help your child learn about symmetry and provide perfect practice creating a mirror image. All the while giving YOU the extra quiet time needed to tackle whatever is on your plate for the day.

Thanksgiving Mirror Drawing Worksheets

This set of mini drawing lessons consists of differing difficulty levels. Print the entire set at once and work through them from easy to more difficult. The easier drawings like the pie and acorn provide great line drawing practice for your art student to work through. While the more difficult drawings like the Thanksgiving turkey and the cat may take a bit more time to finish. These finish the picture worksheets do take a bit of focus and concentration. But the end result pays off in the end creation with a confident young artist excited to share with you their masterpiece!

Thanksgiving Mirror Drawing Worksheets

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