Food and Treats Mirror Drawings

Today we’re sharing more fun drawing sheets to help nurture your child’s artistic skills. Here is a set of 12 food and treats mirror drawings. These simple open ended finish the drawing worksheets are a fun way to introduce the concept of symmetry and balance. A line cuts the picture of the food in half. Your budding artist will draw a reflection of the image to complete the yummy treat!

Food and Treats Mirror Drawings


This set includes a variety of difficulty levels. The apple, egg and pear are perfect for preschoolers. And the burger and gingerbread drawings are a little more challenging to stretch older children and more advanced artists. Whatever the age, symmetry drawings like these are really fun! And it is so rewarding to watch the delight in your child as they finish drawing the other half of the picture! Those wins and the increase in a child’s creative artistic confidence is why our team loves creating so many art worksheets for our readers.

Food and Treats Mirror Drawings

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