Summer Mirror Drawing Worksheets

Sometimes my kids get frustrated when their drawings don’t turn out exactly the way they had imagined. I assure them that drawing is a skill that is developed over time. And practice will not only improve their drawing skills, their confidence and creativity will also grow. This set of summer mirror drawing worksheets provides such practice. Each worksheet illustrates an unfinished summer themed picture for your young artist to complete. Instruct your child to draw the mirror image on the opposite side or blank portion of the page. We recommend using pencil and having your child draw their lines very lightly at first. They can then finish their picture by outlining it and bringing their illustration to life with color using crayons, markers, pastels or even paints!

Summer Mirror Drawing Worksheets


This symmetrical art drawing practice is a great summer activity for your child to do while they’re cooling down from being outdoors. It’s important to encourage your child throughout the artistic process. The first attempt rarely results in a perfect image. But you are sure to see positive results and much improved drawings once they commit to practicing.

Summer Mirror Drawing Worksheets

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