Ocean Mirror Drawing Worksheets

Explore the art concept of reflective symmetry with this set of ocean mirror drawing worksheets. Each drawing page depicts only half of the illustration of an object or creature found in the ocean. Direct your students to complete the remainder of each drawing using a pencil. Then they can finish their artwork by coloring in their drawing and even creating a background of the deep blue sea with more ocean friends and habitat.


What is reflective symmetry? When looking up the meaning, I found both math and art definitions for the term. Good old Wikipedia’s definition of reflective symmetry is: “An object has reflectional symmetry (line or mirror symmetry) if there is a line (or in 3D a plane) going through it which divides it into two pieces that are mirror images of each other.” Basically, a line can be drawn down the middle of an object and the object is reflected onto the other side of the line. 

And parents, the best part is that ALL you need for this art project is printer paper and a pencil to get your budding artist started! Watch your children’s drawing confidence and artistic abilities SOAR as they work these drawing tutorials.

Ocean Mirror Drawing Worksheets

Looking for a relaxing activity to do while your children are creating their own ocean masterpieces? Check out these ocean mandala adult coloring pages.

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