Spring Spot the Difference Activities

Here is a brand new set of 12 spring spot the difference activities for preschoolers. Each worksheet illustrates two spring-themed images. Instruct your students to find the differences between the two images and circle them. Print your favorite spring worksheets below or print the entire set all at once to share with your preschoolers at home or in the classroom.

One of my favorite things about our activity pages is the versatility and ability to use them in multiple ways. Our printable activities aren’t just resources to keep your children occupied. They are enriching, engaging and spark children’s creativity. They provoke imaginations and can begin very thoughtful conversations. For instance, these spot the difference worksheets are great story starters for your students. Once they are finished finding and circling the differences, encourage them to tell you a story about what is happening within the illustration. Ask questions like: What do you like about this picture What would you title this picture? What do you think will happen next?

Tell us how you are using these pages. We love hearing from you and want to share your experiences with others so that we can all grow and learn from one another as parents, educators and caregivers.

Spring Spot the Difference Activities

Download more activities within our Spring Activity Bundle –  170+ pages of springtime themed activities to entertain your child for hours!

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