Easter Find the Difference Activities

Spring is in the air here in the Midwest. The bright green grass is popping through remnants of our dormant lawns. Our trees are blossoming with beautiful white and pink flowers. And evidence of sweet perennials like daffodils, gladiolus, and tulips is appearing. Like me, you may be experiencing your child becoming a little restless with the newfound warmth in the air. And while we’re wanting them to experience as much outdoor fun as possible this season. We’re also always needing fun activities for them to do during their down time. This printable set of Easter find the difference activities is a perfect one to add to your springtime toolbox.

Easter Find the Difference Activities

This is a super simple prep activity! All you need for this activity are the worksheets and a crayon (or preferred writing utensil of your choice). Parents, this is an engaging activity to give your child while you’re getting your tasks done. These activity pages are also perfect to use while in the waiting room for an appointment or at a restaurant waiting for your meal. Preschool teachers, use these in your puzzles and games center or personal choice center as a fun self-directed activity. Homeschoolers, these worksheets are a perfect activity to give your littler ones, giving you an opportunity to focus on your older students.

Instruct your preschooler to draw a circle around each difference within the two pictures. They’ll learn that paying close attention to detail is rewarding and fun to do!

Easter Find the Difference Activities

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