Printable Spring Maze Puzzles

We are ready to say goodbye to winter and “HELLO” to spring! We’re giddy about sharing these¬†printable spring maze puzzles with you. This fun and delightful set of activity pages is perfect for you to use at home or in your classroom.

Maze puzzles aren’t just amusing entertainment, they help keep your brain sharp while strengthening cognitive and fine motor skills. Completing a maze results in a victory for your child every time! And we LOVE witnessing those WINS! Like most of our illustrated worksheets and coloring pages, these mazes make great conversation and story starters (i.e., where do you think the bunny will take shelter during the spring rain shower?). Ask your child which two mazes could be a match. For instance, the umbrella will come in really handy during a rainstorm. Or we use the watering can to take care of our tulip, which in turn can be the lady bug’s resting place for awhile.

Printable Spring Mazes for Kids

Quick tip for parents on the go: print out a few of your child’s favorite activities, staple them together, throw them in a large ziplock bag with a set of crayons or colored pencils, and you have an awesome activity set. It will provide hours of fun for your kids while you’re running errands, waiting in the doctor’s office or while sitting in a restaurant.

Download 170+ pages of printable spring activities all at once here to entertain your children for HOURS!

Printable Spring Maze Puzzles

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