Spring Cut and Paste Worksheets

Turn your preschooler’s playtime into visual perception skill building with these fun spring cut and paste worksheets. This activity set is helpful for parents and teachers as there is no prep involved other than printing the pages. And the only supplies you need are 1) printer paper, 2) a pair of scissors, and 3) a glue stick.

Spring Cut and Paste Worksheets

We’ve made it very simple for you to help your child develop their skills in a fun engaging way. This set includes an array of skill-building activities to give your child practice in:

  • sorting
  • ordering numbers
  • matching
  • visual memory
  • using scissors to cut basic shapes
  • gluing objects (great opportunity to teach “a little dab will do ya”  or “a dot is a lot” 😉 )

Matching Memory Game

The spring themed matching game is my favorite printable in this set. What I love most about this one is that you’ll get some quality one-on-one time playing with your little one that will graduate into an independent activity as confidence is built. This simple activity can be used in many ways. Start by using it as a matching card game. Lay one set of the pictures in front of your child and keep the other set. Show your child one card at a time from your set, asking them to find the matching picture.

A variation of this game is to make it a matching race. Shuffle all of the cards and place them face up on a table. Set a timer to find out how long it takes to match all the pairs. You can also use this worksheet as a memory game. See how diverse one simple activity can be?

Have more ideas on how to use these delightful spring activity pages? Please leave us a comment. We love hearing from you, and your experience guides our creativity to produce content that is helpful and useful to you and your child.

Spring Cut and Paste Worksheets

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