Winter Find the Difference Activities

One thing many of our subscribers have recently asked for are more preschool activity pages. We are always so appreciative to receive your requests. And we are excited to add these winter find the difference activities to our existing collection of preschool worksheets for your little ones. Your Pre-K students will have much fun working through these puzzle pages with recognizable winter friends like Frosty the Snowman, a penguin and a polar bear.

Have your students find and circle the differences between the two pictures on each worksheet. You can also use these activities as language building practice. Once your students have completed their worksheet, have them tell you about the differences using descriptive words and paying attention to the tense of their narrative. Turn this into a fun and healthy competitive family or classroom game. Who can spot all the differences first? Such an engaging way to put their young brains to work while building memory and concentration skills and boosting confidence!

Download more winter activities in our Winter Activity Bundle for kids ages 3 to 12.

Winter Find the Difference Activities

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