Paper Plate Lion Craft

My first son is a Leo, and because of that, he had lots of cute lion toys as an infant and toddler. He loved his lions. He has always been an artist, so we spent a lot of time crafting and creating together when he was younger. And, one of his favorite projects as a toddler was the paper plate lion craft we made. He carried it everywhere and roared like a lion every chance he could. 

Paper Plate Lion Craft 

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Lion Craft:

  • Paper plate.
  • Construction paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Crayons or paint and a paint brush.
  • School glue.
  • Optional – marker.

This sweet paper plate lion craft was hands down my son’s favorite craft to make as a toddler. We must have made a dozen of them when he was two!

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Let’s get started on this cute little project! First, gather all of your supplies. This will make crafting a lot easier. 

Begin by coloring or painting the paper plate yellow or light brown.

Tear the construction paper while the paint dries. We used orange, yellow, and brown construction paper.  

Then, glue the cut construction paper around the paper plate to create the lion’s mane.

Now, use a crayon, marker, or paint to add eyes, a nose, and a mouth to the paper plate. You can add a craft stick to the back of the plate to create a puppet too. We made a few with craft sticks, and a few without. We also made some paper plate lion masks. To make those, we cut out the center of the plate, and just painted the edge of the plate. Then, we added the construction paper mane. No matter how you make this cute little paper plate lion craft, it is sure to be roaring good fun!

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Lion Craft for Kids to Make

That’s it! This is such a fun project to make with your little ones! And, I hope it has inspired you to make your own paper plate lion craft with your little ones!

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