Painted Paper Plate Fox Craft

I loved teaching my littles about woodland critters during the Fall. It was a great opportunity to teach them about which animals hibernate for the Winter and which ones don’t. The kids learned how animals would prepare for several months of cold weather. One of the kids’ favorite woodland animals was always the red fox. They all loved to create fox crafts. But, one of the easiest was the paper plate fox craft we made each year.

Painted Paper Plate Fox Craft

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Paper Plate Fox Craft

Woodland Animal Craft Supplies:

  • Yellow and red, or orange paint.
  • Paint brush.
  • School glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Paper plates – one plate is enough for four crafts.
  • Googly eyes.
  • Black pom poms.

This is a fantastic opportunity to teach pre-school and lower elementary aged children about foxes. Foxes don’t hibernate. In fact, their routine doesn’t change much for the Winter season. They do grow more fur, called their Winter Coat. You can even use the family pet as an example. Our dogs grow a little more fur in the winter, they look for the sunny spots to sleep in.

Now, you can make an adorable paper plate fox craft project!

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Start by cutting a paper plate into quarters.

Then, use yellow and red or orange paint to paint the paper plate section.

While you wait for the paint to dry, you can gather the rest of the supplies. You will need two googly eyes and one black pom pom for each paper plate fox.

After the paint has fully dried, add a small amount of glue to the back of each of the eyes and place them on the painted plate. Finally, add a few drops of glue to the pom pom and attach it to the pointed bottom of the plate.

That’s it! I hope this inspired you to create your own paper plate fox craft project!

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