Paper Plate Dinosaur Pterodactyl Craft

My cousin’s little girl is obsessed with dinosaurs. She talks like a dinosaur, she walks like a dinosaur, and she dresses in all dinosaur clothes. So, when my cousin asked if I could help him with some fun dinosaur art projects for them to do together, I jumped at it! And, I love this fun paper plate dinosaur pterodactyl.  

Paper Plate Dinosaur Pterocadtyl

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Paper Plate Dinosaur Pterodactyl


  • 1/2 Paper plate.
  • Scissors.
  • Construction paper (I used corrugated paper for a cool texture).
  • School glue.
  • Paint and paint brush.
  • Pencil.

This project is perfect for dinosaur lovers of all ages. And, it’s a pterodactyl, so it’s really awesome! 

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First, fold a paper plate in half and cutting it. Then, cut out the smaller half circle from one half of the plate.


Then, sketch out one leg and foot. Fold it over before you cut it to get two symmetrical legs. And, repeat this step for the arms and hands. 

Next, sketch out a pterodactyl head and neck. Then, cut out the head and neck.

Then, add a little glue to the backside of the paper plate semi-circle for the legs, arms, and head. Stick each one onto the plate in the proper place. 

After the glue dries, add a little bit of paint to a paint palette or plate. You can use the other half of the paper plate if you are only making one dinosaur. 

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Then, dab a paint brush into the paint and onto the paper plate pterodactyl.  

That’s it! This is such fun dinosaur art project! It would be an awesome project for younger kids art classes. My cousin bought a yard stick to show his daughter the average wingspan of an adult pterodactyl, which made me thing of how completely awesome it would be to construct a life size pterodactyl model! Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing? We had a giant pterodactyl kite when my kids were younger, and I bet it was nearly life size. I hope I have inspired you to make an adorable and fun Paper Plate Pterodactyl art project!

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