DIY Dinosaur Bones Art Project

My cousin’s little girl is obsessed with dinosaurs. And, her obsession has inspired me to create several fun dinosaur art projects. I am so excited about this fun DIY Dinosaur Bones Art Project! It is a great opportunity to teach little ones about skeletal structures and dinosaur bones. 

Q-tip Dinosaur Bones Art Project

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DIY Dinosaur Bones Art Project


This project is perfect for dinosaur lovers of all ages. And, is a great way to teach a class about dinosaur bones and fossils.

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First, sketch out a dinosaur on a piece of black construction paper. If you need to, you can print up a dinosaur silhouette and cut it out. Then, trace that cut out on your construction paper.  

Then, cut out the dinosaur from the construction paper. 

Next, add lines of glue to the dinosaur. 

Finally, use q-tips as bones and create a dinosaur skeleton on the cut out construction paper dino. You may need to cut the q-tips in half to fit on the dinosaur. 

Dinosaur bones art project

We were not fully anatomically correct when we made this dinosaur. But I did share some of our photos from the Smithsonian’s dinosaur exhibit with my cousin so he could show his daughter. My cousin also bought a book that shares maps where dinosaur fossils have been found all over the world. I think he is planning a trip to South Dakota with her soon so he can show her some of the dinosaur fossils found in America.

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That’s it! This is such fun dinosaur art project! It would be an awesome project for younger kids art classes. I hope I have inspired you to make an adorable and educational dinosaur bones art project!

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