Paper Plate Shark Teeth Mask

Growing up in Florida, you are acutely aware of the possibility of sharks in nearly every body of water. I have seen them swim off shore, just outside of the swim line. And, I have seen them be reeled in on a fishing line and released back into the ocean. I have even seen them brought up in large fishing nets on commercial fishing boats. They are truly beautiful and awe inspiring creatures. And, each summer my family gathers to watch Jaws and Shark Week from the safety of our backyard pool! This year, the kids will each make their own paper plate shark teeth mask before our Jaws movie fun!

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Paper Plate Shark Teeth Mask


  • Paper Plate.
  • Scissors. 
  • Pencil.

I love paper plate crafts and masks. They are super affordable and loads of fun to make!

Begin this simple shark tooth mask by folding a paper plate in half. Fold the bottom of the plate onto itself.

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Then, use scissors to cut a rough circle from the middle of the folded plate.

Next, use a pencil to sketch out shark teeth and a little shark jaw line. This part doesn’t need to be perfect.

Once you have teeth around the perimeter of the circle you cut from the middle of the plate, begin cutting along the lines you drew. This part also doesn’t have to be perfect. Just be sure to leave a space on each side of the plate without teeth. This is the shark’s jaw.

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Finally, you can leave the paper plate white, or paint the edges grey. And, if you really want to add some color, add a little bit of red paint around the teeth!

That’s it! I hope you are inspired to create a fun Paper Plate Shark Teeth Mask, and maybe even host a little Shark Week celebration!

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