Geometric Paint Chip Thank You Cards


Hello! I just love repurposing random items to make something beautiful, and today we’re making these Geometric Paint Chip Thank You Cards! These are so easy to make and blank inside, so you can make a bunch and have them for when you need them. I’m going to show you how to make both of these pretty cards today. Here’s what you’ll need!


Geometric Paint Chip Thank You Cards


  • Paint chips in a variety of colors
  • Blank cards. I like purchasing blank cards with matching envelopes, and they’re often on clearance.
  • Adhesive roller
  • Paper cutter. This is super helpful for clean cuts and straight lines

Pick out three different paint chip cards with coordinating colors. Try and find ones without a ton of printing on them, because we’re not using the areas with text on them. Cut them into strips that are 3/4 inch wide, avoid the white areas.

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And cut the strips into 3/4 inch squares. See the bits with the text, just discard those. Go ahead and make a bunch of your little squares, and then grab your card. If you don’t have blank cards, you can just trim down a piece of card stock and fold it in half to make a card too.

We’re going to work one square at a time. Roll some adhesive onto the back of your square, and place it onto the card like shown. We’re doing a diamond pattern with small gaps in between, for a tiled look. This makes such a pretty pattern and I love the textured effect the paint chips create. Start adding more paint chips, keeping the gaps as equal as possible.

For the edges, grab your scissors and trim the pieces to fit. Make sure to have a gap on the edges as well.

Just keep adding more squares as you go. You can either pre-plan a pattern or do what I did and make it up as you go along.

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And you’re all done with your first card! Let’s make another one now.

Grab three more colors of coordinating paint chips. I was thinking about raspberry and orange sherbet when I picked out these colors! Slice your chips into 1/2 inch strips. Don’t worry about the ones with text, we’ll use those for the shorter pieces.

Roll some adhesive on the back and start placing your strips, leaving a gap in between. Let them fall over the edges of the card, because we’ll trim those later. Just make sure any text is off the edge of the card.

Keep going, and then trim off the excess. See how cool that looks?

Now we’re going to start adding strips the opposite way. Play around with your strip placement, and you can lay strips down before adding adhesive to make sure you like how they look.

This is just a suggestion of how you can place your strips. You can make yours exactly like mine or come up with your own creative design!

Fill up your entire card, and then flip it over and trim off all the excess around the edges.

And you’ve finished this card too!

It only took about an hour to make both of these cards, and I love how they can be used as thank you cards, birthday cards, or just because cards.

I hope you have a ton of fun making these Geometric Paint Chip Thank You Cards!

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