Happy Halloween Card Tutorial

Happy Halloween Card Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing this super cute and spooky Happy Halloween Card Tutorial! I’m using a Halloween paper pad I picked up to make coordinating easy. You can often find seasonal paper packs on sale for less than $10, and they usually last me 3-4 years of projects! You can also totally make this card with scrap pieces and stickers, or even print out designs you find online. Let’s get started!

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Happy Halloween Card Tutorial


  • Halloween themed paper
  • Blank card base or 5×7 folded piece of paper or card stock
  • Paper cutter and/or scissors
  • Twine or thin ribbon
  • Flat decoration or sticker. I used a cameo, but a bat, pumpkin, or ghost would be great too
  • Permanent adhesive roller

I love using pre-made card bases. They’re basically folder pieces of paper cut to the right size, and they come with matching envelopes. These go on clearance all the time at craft stores, so keep an eye out for them. If you don’t have any handy, fold a piece of plain paper or card stock in half and trim it to a 5×7 in size. Next, grab a piece of Halloween patterned paper for the base of your card. I like having two layers of paper for cards because it makes them feel thicker and more professional. Flip your patterned paper right side down, and put adhesive on the outside of your opened up card base. Lay the card base adhesive side down on the back of your patterned paper, and smooth it down.

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Then go ahead and trim around the outside of the card. Go ahead and fold it back up, and you have a pretty, thick card base to work on. Now take a piece of coordinating paper and trim it to 4 inches x 2.5 inches. If you’re making a larger or smaller card, adjust your measurements accordingly.

Add adhesive to the back of this piece of paper, and secure it onto your card like shown. For decorating my card, I used a page out of the paper pack that had different decorative designs on it. If your paper pack doesn’t have something like this, you can cut out your own or use a variety of Halloween stickers to create the same effect. I started by cutting out my chosen designs and moving them around on the card until I found a design that I liked. Then I took the piece that said happy Halloween, and glued it on top of the banner piece.

I trimmed the bat off of the banner, and then attached it to the top of my card. Then I took the haunted house image and added it near the bottom of the card, layering it over the spiderweb paper. The key to an awesome looking card is always layers and texture.

Then I took the flat cameo piece, and added a lot of adhesive to the back. Then I pressed it in place where I thought it would look best. Next I took some of the orange and black twine, and wrapped it around the front flap of the card like shown.

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You should have two rows of twine on the inside, and two on the outside. Tie the ends in a bow, and double knot it for security. Keep in mind that the more you add to your card, the heavier it will get. Check your local postage weights to make sure you’ll be able to send it through the mail if you’re not handing it to the recipient. I like keeping the inside of my cards simple, so I just glued this cute tag design on the inside where I can write what I want to say.

You’re all done! It’s so easy to make your own cards, and ones like this often cost upwards of $7 in a store! Plus it’s a great way to use up scrap paper and get kids into the art of card making and giving!

I hope you enjoyed this Happy Halloween Card Tutorial, and have fun making your own spooky cards this year!

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