Thumbprint Bunny Easter Cards DIY

We have family that lives pretty far away. But, both my sister and I think it’s very important for our kids to stay in touch with their cousins that we don’t see often. One of our kids’ favorite activities has always been making cards to send to our family. So, for Easter this year, my niece and I worked on Thumbprint Bunny Easter Card DIY projects for the family. They turned out adorable and we cannot wait to send them out to our loved ones! Let’s get started.

Thumbprint Bunny Easter Cards

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Thumbprint Bunny Easter Cards DIY



  • 1 piece of copy paper per card.
  • Pink paint. 
  • Markers.
  • Optional – pom poms or cotton balls and glue.

We didn’t have any pink paint when we made these cards, so we mixed up a little bit of red and white paint on a paper plate. We also decided we didn’t really like the yellow bunnies, but that was a personal preference.

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Before we started painting, we decided how many cards we were going to make and send and folded our sheets of paper into quarters.

Once we had all of the cards folded, we were ready to paint. My niece dipped her thumb into the pink paint and then onto each card a few times. Then, she dipped her pointer finger into the paint. Next, she used her fingerprint to add a head to the bunny bodies on the cards.

After the paint dried on all the cards, we were ready to add grass around the bunnies. We used a marker to draw lines from the bottom of the card up (like grass grows) around each bunny.

Then, we used a different marker to add bunny ears and faces to our bunnies. And then, I wrote Hoppy Easter above the bunnies.

Finally, we glued a tiny piece of cotton to the backs of some of the bunnies.

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The Thumbprint Bunny Easter Cards turned out so cute! We truly cannot wait to send them out. I hope you enjoyed learning how to make you own thumbprint bunnies!

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