Easy Father’s Day Gift – Handprint Grill Mitt

Father’s Day is just around the corner. And, if you are anything like me, it will sneak up on you. So, I am super excited to share this Easy Father’s Day Gift! It’s easy and affordable. But, it’s something Dad is sure to love! This cute grill hand project was less than two dollars to make, but will be worth a million bucks to dad!

Easy Father's Day Gift - Handprint Grill Mitt

Easy Father’s Day Gift

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Grilling Handprint Mitt Project Supplies:

  • Oven mitt.
  • Craft or fabric paint.
  • Sharpie or other markers. 

This project is so much fun. And, it’s the perfect DIY gift idea for kids of all ages to make for their dad. I found oven mitts at one of our local dollar stores. Our stores had several colors, we chose a darker color for ours, but they  had lighter colors too. If you are making these with your class, check online to see if you can order them in bulk too.

Let’s get started on this super easy Father’s Day gift idea. First, gather your kids and supplies.

We started this project with red paint initially, but it didn’t show up well on the grey oven mitt. So, we painted over the red handprint with white paint.

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Paint your little one’s hand with paint, then help them press it onto the oven mitt. Be sure to help them remove their had too so you have a cleaner handprint on the mitt.

Once the paint is fully dry, use your sharpie marker and write Daddy’s Grill Hand and the year on the painted handprint.

That’s it! This sweet and easy Father’s Day gift is one Dad will treasure for years to come. And, I truly hope this has inspired you to craft with your little ones to make an adorable keepsake that their dad will keep forever.

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