Felt Mitten Keepsake Craft

Winter is here, and I loved teaching my little scholars about weather around the world each season. Since I taught in Florida, we rarely needed winter outerwear. But, we loved making winter gear art. And this felt mitten keepsake craft was always one of their favorites! It’s a great way to remember the smallness of our favorite little ones for many years to come.

Felt Mitten Keepsake Craft

Felt Mitten Keepsake Craft Project

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Felt Mitten Craft Supplies:

  • Felt.
  • Scissors.
  • Hot glue gun and glue.
  • Optional – beads, buttons, ribbon, or other decorations.

This is such a fun way for your little learners to develop their fine motor skills, and learn about weather and the seasons.

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Let’s get started on this felt mitten craft! First, gather all of your supplies. This will make crafting a lot easier.

Begin by tracing around your little ones’ hands in a mitten shape on a colored piece of felt. 

Now, have your little ones cut out around the mitten shape.   

Then, carefully hot glue the edges of the tops of the mittens to a second sheet of felt. Leave the bottom open to create a pocket for your little ones. Or, you could cut out two mitten shapes for each hand and hot glue them together to make wearable mittens for your little ones.   

Embellish your felt mittens with beads, buttons, or ribbon if you choose. If you glued the mittens to a piece of felt, add a little piece of ribbon to connect them on the felt.

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That’s it! This is such a fun project to make! And, I hope it has inspired you to make a cozy felt mitten keepsake craft with your little learners this Winter! 

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