Printable Transportation Mazes for Kids

Here is a brand new set of printable transportation mazes for kids. This set of maze games includes winding through a tow truck, a steam train, a mountain bike, a recycling truck, a helicopter, a motorcycle and more! There are twelve activity puzzle pages with answer keys below, sorted by difficulty level from easy to more challenging. All to keep your child engaged in mindful entertainment while you get things crossed off your to-do list.

These puzzle activities are great to use in a classroom setting. Consider putting them in dry erase sleeves so you have a reusable learning center activity. They are also very helpful in keeping kids entertained while in the car, in waiting rooms, at restaurants or anywhere your little one may become antsy and need an engaging activity. I keep plastic envelopes for each of my kids in the car for times just like these. I include an assortment of age appropriate activities with a pencil, colored pencils and an eraser in each envelope. (I’ve learned to use colored pencils and washable markers, because crayons melt in the heat of the car.) There is no reason to hear “I’m bored” while traveling with a setup like this. 😉

Printable Transportation Mazes for Kids

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