Printable Birthday Mazes for Kids

It is quite satisfying for kids of ALL ages to work through a maze. Maze games are a great kids activity for boosting concentration and reasoning skills. Worksheets like these have become some of our most popular activity sets. So we are happy to be sharing this set of printable birthday mazes for kids. We’ve also provided answer keys in case your puzzle doer gets stuck.

This set of puzzle pages includes fun birthday-themed illustrations of cakes, presents, balloons, a party hat and more! This party activity packet is super fun to use during a party or give pages as a gift to your guests. It also makes a great DIY project for your child to create as a birthday gift. Have them create a front and back book cover using colored construction paper. Collate the pages together and package your homemade birthday fun book with colored pencils, crayons or smelly markers. Add a small toy and a favorite candy and voila! You’ve created a pretty special birthday gift for a friend!

Printable Birthday Mazes for Kids

Download this kids’ birthday party activities bundle for 240+ pages of printables to make your party prepping a piece of cake!

Check out these birthday drawing doodles for kids! Print step-by-step guides that will inspire creativity while creating excitement for the celebration!

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