Printable Monster Mazes for Kids

Here is a brand new set of printable monster mazes for kids. Once your child finds their way through the puzzle, they can color the page to bring their monster to life. (You will likely find that the characters within this set aren’t as much spooky as they are comical.)

Printable Monster Mazes for Kids

Teachers, this set of printable worksheets makes a perfect fast finisher activity. Print the entire set and make photocopies to give your students individually as they finish their work. Or they can be used at an activity station. We have sorted the printable puzzle pages below for students from easy to medium difficulty levels. These monster mazes keep young minds stimulated while building fine motor and problem solving skills. Plus, while your kiddos are learning and having fun with these worksheets, you’re able to take advantage of the quiet time and check off some of your own activities from your to-do list. 😉

Printable Monster Mazes for Kids

Have you seen our BIG Book of Drawing? Check it out, because you will find more monsters within the pages of this step-by-step drawing guide book. This book makes learning how to draw easy for all ages!

If you’re looking for a creative activity for older children, try these monster mirror drawing worksheets.

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