Printable 50 States Mazes

There are so many great resources available to help teach young learners all fifty states. Here is another fun set of worksheets to add to your teaching toolbox. These printable 50 states mazes will make a great addition to actively engage your students in learning the states. Add these activity pages to your early history, geography and social studies units in the classroom or during home study.

Printable 50 States Mazes

To print out each maze, just click on the state’s maze you want to view and print the larger maze. Students can wind their way through each state and then color their way through the nation. There are also many fun songs to help learn the 50 states and sing along the way. Here’s one we found on YouTube to help memorize the states in alphabetical order. Hope your children have fun working these mazes!

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Printable 50 States Mazes

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