Patriotic I Spy Games For Kids

Help your young students engage in early learning with these patriotic I Spy games for kids. Summer break is just around the corner. And although we love seeing our children outside playing as much as possible, there are moments when they need some down time. These worksheets were created for just those times. If you are looking for a simple activity to put together for your kiddos so you can get your work done, here’s a solution. Print this set and even other pages from our patriotic collection of activities. Collate them into a fun workbook and you will have instant entertainment for your young student.

This set includes nine printable activity worksheets. We have sorted them below in the order of difficulty from easy to more challenging. And we have included the answer keys in case your child gets stuck or frustrated. The best part of these I-Spy games is that they are a fun and playful activity that will build memory and learning skills without your kids even knowing it!

Patriotic I Spy Games For Kids

Download our patriotic printable kids activities bundle to get 240+ patriotic-themed activity pages all at once and in one place!

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